The Fleeting Nature of Fame

My mother texted me a couple weeks ago to tell me an acquaintance called another acquaintance who told her friend who told her that I was on TV.

Having always felt destined to be a star, I knew what it was: My Big Fat Fabulous Life, a TLC show I didn’t know existed until this past September when my friends and I were caught between the cameras and Big Fat Fabulous Stars as we tried to enjoy a night on the town at Hemingway’s in downtown Asheville. Click here for a refresher.

I’d been under the impression that we’d signed waivers asking them to blur out our faces, so I texted Maura and Kristal, the friends who’d been with me that night, to double check. They were under the same impression, although we’d admittedly all overserved ourselves, so truly, who knows?

I was at work when my mother texted me, so couldn’t jump on TLC to investigate (plus, I’m one of those very interesting people who doesn’t own a TV) but Maura was off and not as interesting as I, so was able to turn on TLC and verify my mother’s acquaintance’s claims.

I indeed have a starring role as a background back and a background face (if you freeze the TV quick enough) in the story of Whitney Thore, whose ex-boyfriend got another woman pregnant as she was trying to get to know a new lover on a trip to Asheville.

I posted the picture of my frozen face to my Instagram story and received a decent enough bout of replies and attention, but no one was saying anything by that evening. No one seemed to care. No one’s asked about it since. My fifteen minutes are up.

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