I Officially Found the Best Ice Cream in Asheville

Since I’m deadset on setting myself apart from the travel/lifestyle/location-based influencer crowd, I usually try to include some societal analysis or cynical witticism alongside my waterfall pictures or brewery reviews

Not today. 

Today’s post is super straightforward. I’m writing to let you know I’ve officially found and crowned my favorite local Ashville ice cream place, even though the Hill Top Ice Cream Shop is technically in Fairview. 

It’s been a challenging ice-cream journey down here. 

I’ve sampled some local ice creams that didn’t impress me much, and then there was the false start when I thought Kilwin’s was a Western North Carolina-based chain for a couple of months. I’ve even struggled with convenient generic soft serve—on a real hot summer night, you could keep your salted caramel gelato and pumpkin-molasses-ginger-swirl made from milk that was in a cow’s udder two days ago and served in a homemade waffle cone—I want a medium vanilla soft serve in a cake cone with rainbow sprinkles, but I have to truck it to West Asheville to get my fix.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point. I’m not a recipe blogger, after all. The Hill Top Ice Cream Shop won me over for three simple reasons:

1) Location, Location, Location: It shares a parking lot with Whistle Hop Brewing. I feel like a mediocre brewery, and mediocre ice cream shop could come together to make an excellent experience, but we’re doubly blessed here because each of these is excellent on its own, thus magical when combined. 

2) Cookie Dough: I typically don’t order cookie dough because I haven’t found one that could hold a candle to Turkey Hill cookie dough until three nights ago. I had maybe two bites of Hill Top’s cookie dough and, in my mind, started thinking, “please forgive me, Turkey Hill, you’ll always be my first love, but this is better.”

3) Cherry Goat Cheese: I’m typically not super adventurous with my ice cream. I mean, my favorite flavor is butter pecan, but something about the cherry goat cheese called to me. After I finished my cookie dough, I got a sample, and did that lead to a second order? Guess.

The only knock I have against Hill Top is that it’s a five-minute drive from my apartment and probably contributes to the fact that only half my shorts currently don’t fit (I haven’t donned a pair of jeans since May…and readers, I’m scared).


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